UK Porn Ban

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The UK is about to introduce restrictions on watching pornography of any kind never before seen in the world. The block is designed to prevent minors from accessing XXX websites, but pages that don’t age-check effectively face being banned for everyone. The government is planning to stop minors from being damaged by watching adult content by preventing anyone from doing so unless they go through a careful age verification process. Websites that do not cooperate with the blocks could find themselves being punished or blocked entirely within the UK.

What are porn bans?

The UK Porn Ban has been described as a ban on anyone under 18 watching pornography. But in fact, they are a ban on everyone watching pornography unless they prove they are 18 or above, meaning that everyone has to provide their personal information to the show they are an adult.

They are incredibly general and have led to worries about internet freedom and the privacy of the people giving up their personal information to prove they are an adult.

When will the Porn ban be introduced?

15th of July 2019 (this has now been postponed for 6 months)

How to prove you are an adult?

The government has been very vague about this, and there’s still some confusion about how exactly it will be done. In time things are becoming more apparent.

One thing authorities are adamant about is that this won’t merely be about ticking a box or choosing your date of birth from a drop-down menu.

The checks will be more rigorous than that and will require verification, not just a promise.

The solutions expected to be rolled out include everything from uploading traditional identification documents into a database – so a company will look at and save a scan of your private information, for instance – a copy of your passport or drivers licence.

Will people be able to get around them?

Yes, use SpiderVPN to change your location and be served the version of the website for another country, without the UK’s ban. Stop the government and ISP’s from snooping into your personal information.

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