Why is My ISP Blocking My IPTV Service?

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The Premier League and UEFA have both been allowed new consent by the High Court to have the UK’s major ISPs square illicit streams progressively. The requests, got by means of independent procedures, are a piece of progressing endeavors to undermine the supply of live matches conveyed over the Internet by unlicensed administrations.

The Premier League kicked off something new on this front in 2017 after it got a spearheading order which empowered it to track live ‘privateer’ streams and have them hindered by driving ISPs BT, Virgin Media, EE, Sky Broadband and TalkTalk continuously.

This means the following ISP’s will be blocking any of the IPTV services:




-Virgin Media

-Talk Talk


Different ISPs are obviously mindful of the new Premier League IPTV request however are yet to own an open expression.

In 2017 UEFA followed in the strides of the Premier League by acquiring a comparative request covering the period February to May 2018, with an end goal to ensure European matches. After a month in July 2018, UEFA was given authorization by the High Court to grow and expand its battle until July 2019.

Now, if you are using a private IPTV service and have one of the following ISP providers then you may face the ISP blocks and won’t be able to access the service during the blocking period.

The ISP’s block the whole IPTV servers during the football time (usually 12 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM, 8 PM or whenever there is a match on)

You won’t be able to access EPL, EFL, UEFA and the streams will be blocked by your ISP, in this case, to stop the illegal streaming since the Premier League & UEFA have permissions from the court in order to make an injunction and stop all the streams during the game time.

The exact idea of that data isn’t clear however we’re educated that the blocking procedure is as of now surely known by outside gatherings, with suppliers ready to take countermeasures and, when in doubt, end-clients can send VPNs.

In general, the ISP blocks your illegal IPTV service provider and stops you from accessing the content being broadcasted and the only way to bypass the ISP blocks is using our VPN routers where you simply just connect any of the devices you were using to access the IPTV service on and then connect the device to the VPN router, choose a location nearby to your current location and then bypass the blocks.

It is way too simple and using a VPN always ensures you to have safety, security, privacy and we offer 100% no logging and everything you do on the internet is never stored on our servers and your ISP’s can’t trace whatever you do on the Internet and helps you have a safe and private connection on whatever you doing and provide privacy.

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