What we plan to achieve....
SpiderVPN and Sentinel met back in 2018 and discussed how they could work together and make the Internet a better place for users by creating a Decentralized Router-based solution.  Not only will this offer full complete decentralization but also the ability to monetize any unused bandwidth.  We are teaming up to help the global population gain pure and true decentralized freedom, offering a guarantee of anonymity, which also provides end-users income automation.  After months of discussions and planning, Spider VPN is excited to announce that they have moved into a mutual partnership agreement with Sentinel, we have agreed terms to work together to the benefit of both our great communities. We will be working together to build the worlds first decentralized VPN Router.  As the partnership matures and Sentinel gets closer to the main net, the development of the firmware and hardware will continue to build adding new functionalities & features.
Milestones Completed.....



Rebranding Of the SpiderVPN Website has now been completed. Addtional works have been carried out on the backend with many improvements. – COMPLETE



SentinelTuring1 Testnet has crossed 1M blocks successfully even after undergoing a coordinated attack by the development team and validators. Backend Perparation – COMPLETE

Next we enter the Planning and Preparation stages.  TO BE CONTINUED….

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