Annoucing Spider Unblocking Service

Annoucing Spider Unblocking Service

We are glad to announce our new Unblocking service that allows majority of premium services from around the globe when using our Routers "Classic 2.4G & Pro 5.8G" or Routerless plans to work with a press of a button. Services like Netflix/iPlayer/Amazon Prime/Dazn/Optus/Bein Sports and much more.

For Routerless plans, You will just need to relogin to your account or delete all profiles and install again if using WireGuard app.

For Routers "Classic 2.4G & Pro 5.8G", Please get in touch with our support team for steps on installing our unblocking service on your routers.



SpiderVPN Team

  • Saturday, 14th September, 2019
  • 12:52pm