SpiderConnect Android App release 1.5.0-beta

SpiderConnect Android App release 1.5.0-beta

Hello Spider Fam!


We are glad to announce that we have released a new android app beta release v1.5.0-beta. The new release soon to be pushed to the store including the following fixes

  • Fixes slow locations connection.
  • Fixes VPN countries flags + names.
  • Fixes issues causing random crashes.

You can download the new release from here: https://spidervpn.org/clientarea/dl.php?type=d&id=38

Please note that this release will only work as intended for existing customers, we are working to get the release pushed to the play store for all new/existing customer to use it.

Please open a support ticket here if you have any problems.

  • Saturday, 14th October, 2023
  • 01:22am